Accepting Jesus

The most important decision you will ever make is one when you stop arguing with God and decide to accept the fact that your sins are a problem and Jesus is the only answer. For your sins one life is owed, and Jesus paid the price for it.

There is no other name by which we can be saved and no other way. The judgement God desperately wants to pronounce over you is “Friend of God! Sins forgiven! Life redeemed! Son! Daughter!”

The bridge between God and mankind is the person of Jesus. His personal sacrifice for you is either accepted or rejected, and each of us bears the weight of our decision. God did not consider the problems of mankind beneath Him, but He sent His only Son Jesus to bring us back to God!


“Father, I accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour and the only, final sacrifice for my sins.  Would you now accept this dead life and cause me to be born again in the life of the resurrected Jesus? His death for my life! Thank you, I am from this moment forward…yours”

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