NXT (What’s next for me at Venue?)

This is the Backstage Pass to Venue Church. This is where you hear the real Why behind what we do, but also the How and What. You’ll also find out how to get more involved and what we really care about. It’s straight up Venue culture, or… how we do things around here.
NXT Sessions are like everything we do, fun and high impact!

Find Hope

Come hear Pastor Corey tell the story of why Venue Church was created and how it works. He handles something we call The 4 Human Needs and will show you how Venue is built around them. Every person needs to Awaken to God, Be Free, find their Bull’s Eye, and Change the World. Also in this session we explain how our church is governed.

By Design

Design reveals Destiny.

Most people live their entire lives and never realize how God designed them. If you never understand your design you’ll never reach your destiny. This is a fun Lab session where we find your Spiritual Gifts and Personality Profile, how God uniquely made you and what He made you for!

Build Influence

Everbody has influence in the lives of people.

There are 4 things you will need to overcome for your influence to grow: Insecurity, Fear, Inadequacy, and Reluctance. Pastor Corey teaches 4 exceptional qualities we embrace at Venue that will help you get better so your people get better and your influence can increase.

Dream Team

This is where the magic happens, where THE church becomes MY church.

The fun starts when you’re not coming to Venue for you anymore. In this Lab we want your church experience to move from watching to being involved. Once you find your design we’ll get you plugged in to helping people find real connection with God and others!