NXT Sessions

This is the Backstage Pass to Venue Church. This is where you hear the real Why behind what we do, but also the How and What. You’ll also find out how to get more involved and what we really care about. It’s straight up Venue culture, or… how we do things around here.
NXT Sessions are like everything we do, fun and high impact!

Feed the Fire
“Jesus loves me just the way I am, but does He want me to stay this way?”
The answer is no, He has better plans for you! Whether it’s information about baptism or how to read the bible and pray, the idea when you are born into the family of God is that you need to hit the ground running. We all do. We enter an exciting life where when we become strong, we can save others too. This session is designed for everyone and not just for new Christ followers.

We Do Life Together
“What does Real connection with the Real God and Real people even look like?”
It is intentional. It doesn’t just happen. Life is like a wheel with spokes, when the spokes aren’t quite right, the connection to the road gets sketchy. We think God knows exactly what kind of Real community we are longing for, and we know He can show us how to get it. This NEXT Session is our key to understanding how simple and fulfilling doing life together can be!

A Life Saved
“Culture tells me to keep my options open, so why should I commit to something?”
You should decide up front that a life saved is worth everything! Yours was! To Jesus and to us too. We refuse to pretend we can be satisfied in a lack lustre, careful existence. We commit to the mission of Jesus: saving people. It is worth saying no to distractions, or letting life decide our fate for us. We take risks! People are worth it!

Dream Team
“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it”. Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
Our Dream Team has a unique dream: we can no longer imagine living in communities where people haven’t had an opportunity to meet Jesus. It drives us crazy! Here is a NEXT Session where you find out how Venue is structured and why. Here is where you learn how to join the Dream Team and do something that matters in the world.