Venue Groups

VENUE GROUPS (Starting up in February)

We do life together. In Canadian culture we often talk about connection but life doesn’t seem to work out that way.

At Venue we’ve decided that if we don’t intentionally make community happen and prioritize it for our families, we will default into a self-centred existence and we don’t want that to happen.

We believe in small groups and doing life with the people God has given us. We do not want an ordinary isolated life, so we do what many people don’t try until it’s too late… we commit to each other and to God, and we’ve never looked back.

A Venue Group is easy to try and are specifically designed to be easy and attractive to come to, while God is given room to connect with us right where we’re at. When we are connected, what he wants for us comes much easier and saves us from so much trouble.

…and we actually like each other!

Life is better together.

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