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Visit us – it’s easy. We like people so our goal is to make you at home even if you’ve never been to church, or ever been to a church that looks like Venue. We have a thing at Venue, we’re friendly without being scary, which means take things at your own speed.

The next step is to drive into our parking lot which looks like any parking lot. People will be getting out of their cars and smiling unless they’re a bit nervous because it’s their first time too. A volunteer will meet you at the door and they will definitely be smiling and friendly. If you would like, they can show you how easy it is to check your kids in and answer any questions you might have. (“Where are the washrooms?” is the most common so don’t worry about it)

Our services are comfortable, engaging and…. short (the men always want to know how long it will be, about an hour and a quarter guys). Many of our visitors didn’t grow up in church and tell us they enjoyed themselves even when they didn’t know what to expect. Our Venues are designed with lighting effects in an atmosphere like a theatre but we doubt you’ll be able to fall asleep. We start with music and media before the sermon. Our Pastor is not one to let the grass grow under his feet so don’t worry about getting bored!

If you have kids our sign-in process is painless and fast, but you might consider arriving a few minutes early for that and one of our kids volunteers would be more than happy to show you the classroom and what we do to ensure their safety and comfort while you visit. If there are any issues you need to be aware of, we contact you directly on your phone even during the sermon so you don’t need to wonder if everything is ok with them.

Ages 0-5 is in the room right next to the theatre where they have their own fun. Our ages 6-11 Venue Kids service is held in Genesis Place right by Bert Church Theatre (They need to be signed in first at Bert Church Theatre before heading to Genesis Place). It is secure, safe, and an absolute party.

We all know what you feel like because we’ve had to walk through the doors for the first time, but believe us when we say you’ll be glad you came!

Dress Code? – Clothing.

“What do I need to know before I come?” – How to get here? The rest is easy.

6 PM Sunday Worship Experience

Venue Airdrie Campus – Bert Church Performing Arts Theatre (1000 E Lake Blvd, Airdrie)

Any special needs when you come to visit us?  Want to get involved in our next location? Have other questions?

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